Electrozad’s Evolution – The 1950s

Early 1950’s
In the early ’50s, Mr. Joseph Ozad leaves his full time job at Demers Electric with the promise of managing a new Westinghouse Electric branch in the community of Windsor. The company then decides not to open a location leaving Joseph without a job. With his prior experience in the electrical business, Mr. Ozad decides to establish his own business in Windsor. Having some difficulty attaining product lines, Mr. Ozad is forced to travel daily to Detroit to pick up material from vendors to fill the back orders of customers. During his travels, he meets Sam Newman, the owner of Puritan Electric. When Mr. Ozad learns of Newman’s desire to establish a business in Canada, the pair become partners. Established in the electrical industry, Mr. Newman brings to the business many key industry suppliers and it is through these contacts that Electrozad becomes the first independent electrical distributor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

In April 1955, Joe Ozad incorporates the company and ‘Electrozad’ is born.

A year later, the business aligns with well-known automation company Rockwell’s Allen-Bradley product line to become the first distributor of the product line east of the Manitoba border. Business growth prompts the need for Electrozad to hire its first sales person, Bryan Smith, who eventually becomes Electrozad’s first Chair of the Board.