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GC™ Electronics 19-8410

19-8410 Freeze Mist, 12 oz Aerosol Can, Faint Ethereal

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GC™ Electronics 19-8410

GC Electronics has been the primary supplier of electronics to the electrical and electronic industry since 1930. In 1997, GC upgraded its technology base to include the new environmental laws. GC has come up with a starting line-up of contact cleaners to comply with these laws; Big Bath, and Big Bath ISO. Big Bath ISO is a new contact cleaner that is non-ozone depleting and can be sold to anyone. Plus, it contains no CFC's or HCFCS and is safe on all plastics. GC offers a complete line of chemicals for use by electronics, electrical and industrial users. In addition to offering the most up-to date line of aerosols, GC also supplies hard-to-find non-aerosols. GC also offers a broad range of adhesives, heat sink compounds, lubricants and conformal coatings.

GC™ Electronics Freeze Mist, 12 oz, Aerosol Can, Faint Ethereal, Neutral, 1.22 Specific Gravity

Container Size      :      12 oz
Container Type      :      Aerosol Can
Odor/Scent      :      Faint Ethereal
Specific Gravity      :      1.22
pH Range      :      Neutral
  • Freeze Mist is a refrigerant spray used to locate thermal intermittent in electronic components such as capacitors, resistors and semi-conductors
  • Great for removing chewing gum from fabrics, freezing adhesives for easy removal, protecting heat sensitive components during soldering or for thermal fitting metal parts
  • The flow control trigger nozzle enables the user to apply the product with pinpoint accuracy and reduce product usage
  • Freeze Mist contains no ozone depleting chemicals
  • The anti static formulation minimizes the risk of electrostatic damage to sensitive components
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