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Hengstler HOZ-462-1333

HOZ-462-1333 Safety Relay, 10 A, 4NO-2NC Contact, 12 VAC V Coil

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Hengstler HOZ-462-1333

HENGSTLER's H-462 safety relay provides absolute reliability, sturdy construction and a long electric life-time. As a result these safety relays can be used wherever high availability is essential, even at high switching loads. The drive system can be supplied as a monostable version either for DC or AC. In addition, the H-462 relay is available as a DC bistable version. For special applications, it is possible to quote solutions in which the load current is fed direct to the relay coil, which enables the correct functioning of the load to be monitored. H-462 safety relays conform to EN 50205 standard, application type A, and IEC EN 61810-1. In addition, these safety relays also meet the requirements for railway signal relays in accordance with UIC 736e.

Hengstler Safety Relay, 10 A, 2000 VA Power, 10 to 55 Hz Frequency, 12 VAC Coil, 4NO-2NC Contact Form, Solder Pins Terminal, -25 to 80 deg C, 67.4 mm L x 20.5 mm W x 48.6 mm H Dimensions

Amperage Rating      :      10 A
Coil Voltage      :      12 VAC
Contact Form      :      4NO-2NC
Dimensions      :      67.4 mm L x 20.5 mm W x 48.6 mm H
Frequency Rating      :      10 to 55 Hz
Power Rating      :      2000 VA
Temperature Rating      :      -25 to 80 deg C
Terminal Type      :      Solder Pins
  • Drive available as DC monostable, DC bistable, AC monostable and as load current controlled
  • Forcibly guided contacts to EN 50205, application type A
  • 5 sec max soldering time
  • 10/10 shock resistance NO / NC [g]
  • 16 Puls duration (half sinus)
  • 10/10 vibration resistance NO / NC [g]
  • 17 ms operating time NC contact, contact opens, 23 ms operating time NO contact, contact closes
  • 5 ms releasing time NO contact, contact opens, 7 ms releasing time NC contact, contact closes
  • 10000000 mechanical service life (without load)
  • 110 Ohm coil resistance
  • AgCdO + 5 um Au contact material
  • 100000 electrical service life (with nominal load)
  • 10 A short circuit capacity 1000 A/AC 230 V [A]
  • Basic insulation
  • Dustproof (RT II) housing
  • pdfSpecification Sheet