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The challenges of manufactures, industrial operators and machine and equipment builders are mounting.
  Global demands for goods and resources are increasing.  Margins for errors are shrinking.  Industrial manufacturing needs to work smarter. Success requires the right connections.  Enhanced by the internet of things in which every almost every object can use embedded technology to gather and transmit information, The Connected Enterprise securely converges plant for operations technology with business level information technology, converting information into insightful working data capital for better decision making.

High Performance Architecture

High performance architectures are based on the ongoing evolution of Rockwell Automation’s integrated control and information products and solutions.  One that is scalable, future-proof and built upon contemporary technologies with next generation capabilities for enabling The Connected Enterprise.


Data and Analytics

Any analytics process includes detecting or finding data, organizing and storing (or digitizing the data) and then analyzing that data to help perform an action. Leveraging new technology to automate steps in the data collection of device health & diagnostics process with easy-to-use and zero-coding analytics solutions.  That data can be sent to a higher level systems.


Smart Machines

Smart machines/equipment allow you to better leverage the most powerful element that too few organizations today are fully capitalizing on: THEIR OWN REAL TIME DATA. This data can be transformed into actionable information to optimize production.  Organizations that understand their operational performance can improve operations, and produce more at higher quality levels, in a more efficient manner.



As a leader in industrial safety with one of the most complete safety portfolios, Rockwell Automation helps customers design the right safety systems into your machinery.  Using contemporary safety technology and a rigorous Functional Safety Life Cycle approach, you can harness the inherent value of intelligent safety system designs. This approach can help you get machines to market faster, reduce design time and costs and ultimately increase your bottom line.  This means not only delivering safer, flexible, high-performance machines at a competitive price but also equipping your machinery with current safety control features that improve performance and reduce costs.

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