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Lighting Products and Solutions

At Electrozad, we offer the latest lighting products and solutions and employ in-house lighting specialists to help with your company’s specific needs. It is the knowledge, professionalism and passion our team has that make us a leading wholesaler in the lighting and electrical business.


We’re fully equipped with lighting solutions: whether you require LED lighting, high-efficiency lamps, replacement ballasts, outdoor floods, or more. We understand how a lack of lighting can mean a “blind spot” in more ways than one, whether it’s productivity or safety, and that’s why we make sure we have the latest products available, at all times.

We work with you to determine ways to keep your operating costs low. Solutions include occupancy sensors, saving electricity when certain facilities aren’t being used, and wireless technology, to improve safety and efficiency wherever required. Daylight harvesting can also help to reduce overhead, and utilize natural sunlight to keep your costs down and improve your profitability.


We care about saving you money and strive to go above and beyond the competition with our services. We offer lighting energy audits, to help you truly understand how you can save money and get the best return on your investment. Our team will help you through the process, which includes:

  • - A complete and comprehensive analysis of your current lighting schemes and controls.
  • - Energy-saving alternatives, including a return on investment calculation.
  • - Account managers trained to conveniently help you finalize everything with the local utility companies.

New Construction

We’re happy to provide a hands-on approach with project management, confirming and tracking purchase orders and lighting equipment. We also provide kitting and staging options, focusing on the crucial logistics to supply your lighting needs.

Save on Energy

How can your company save more energy? It’s a simple question that can lead to thousands, possibly even millions of dollars in savings. All it takes is one person to trigger change throughout an entire business. For more information, please visit: https://saveonenergy.ca