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Acuity Retrofit Lighting Products

Upgrading a lighting system through a retrofit has a number of benefits on efficiency, productivity, and the reduction of costs for you and your customers. Improvements in technology have led to affordable LED options that are switchable, modern in design, and offer ease of installation. Acuity Brands offers a complete lighting and controls portfolio, leading the way in innovative lighting options that are redefining how people live, work, and play.

Can a lighting Retrofit make a difference for your customers? Consider these main benefits:

   •   Reduce energy consumption

   •   Improve worksite safety

   •   Enhance visual aesthetics

   •   Increase productivity

   •   Lower operation and maintenance costs

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Contractor Select CSS LED Strip Light

The light-duty, dimmable, damp-location and DLC® listed CSS LED single strip lights can easily mount individually to a ceiling, wall horizontal/vertical or continuous row/daisy chaining. The size and versatility make them suitable for tight spaces and for task lighting, restrooms, under/over cabinet and storage closets.

- Acuity Overview: Contractor Select CSS LED Strip Light

- Video Overview: Switch it up with the CSS LED strip light from Lithonia Lighting®

- Specification Sheets: Click to View

TWX LED Wall Packs

The TWX LED wall pack family features a ground-up design with a low initial cost that customers demand while providing superior illumination in a traditional form. They feature premium borosilicate glass lenses that work in conjunction with the high-efficiency light engine to provide superior illumination while minimizing wasted up-light. The new slim design creates a less obtrusive appearance on the building while still fully covering the installation marks leftover from typical HID glass wall packs.

- Acuity Overview: TWX LED Glass Wall Packs

- Video Overview: Re-inventing the Glass Wall Pack

- Specification Sheets: Click to View

CSVT LED Vapor Tight

The CSVT™ by Lithonia Lighting ® is built on the technological framework of the CSS, providing greater customization and performance for everyday spaces. And with the ability to switch lumens and adjust color temperature in one fixture, the CSVT can easily be adapted to the needs of each project.

- Acuity Overview: CSVT LED Vapor Tight
- Video Overview: Introducing the CSVT LED Vapor Tight by Lithonia Lighting

- Specification Sheets: Click to View

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