One of the largest independently owned Electrical Distributors in Southwestern Ontario, Electrozad Supply has locations in London, Chatham, Sarnia, and Windsor.


To reach an after hours representative, please call the respective branch number for your location.


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Our Locations

Chatham, ON

419 Merritt Avenue
P.O. Box 670
Chatham, ON N7M 5K8

Phone: (519) 351-9777
Fax: (519) 351-4310

Rockwell AD B

London, ON

500 Industrial Road
P.O. Box 7100
London, ON N5Y 5S2

Phone: (519) 452-3444
Fax: (519) 452-1008

London, ON

41 Adelaide Street North,  #87
P.O. Box 7100
London, ON N5Y 5S2

Phone: (519) 667-1442
Fax: (519) 672-9982

Sarnia, ON

625 Scott Road
P.O. Box 877
Sarnia, ON N7T 7J9

Phone: (519) 336-8550
Fax: (519) 336-4812

Rockwell AD B

Windsor, ON

2900 Jefferson Blvd,
Windsor, ON
N8N 2M4

Phone: (519) 944-2900
Fax: (519) 944-2221

Rockwell AD B