Develop Your Skills Through
Our E-Learning Courses

The industrial skills gap continues to grow wider and employers and employees are looking for effective ways to train and learn. 


For employers, the more your workers know, the better they can be at utilizing their time. This leads to increased production, higher revenues, and a team that is better equipped to remedy unexpected events. For technicians and managers, increasing your knowledge and acquiring new skills can help you to improve productivity, exceed expectations, and increase your job security.


Due to the fast-paced environment in most industries, it can be difficult to schedule time for training and skill development. This is where online learning offers a unique advantage.

Face challenges head-on


We know that industrial manufacturing workers often face challenges where their knowledge is tested. Situations such as an unexpected halt of production on the plant floor can lead you to wish that you had been better prepared with knowledge and training on how to address such issues. 


Controlling and managing the production line under unfavourable circumstances can be quite stressful and these situations can make or break you as an employee. In such moments, you always resort to what you know and the skills that you have. The more you know and the more you are able to do, the better you can address unexpected and unforeseen events. 


The world of learning is evolving


Despite the limited time available to us, the good news is that the world of learning is evolving and taking advantage of digital technology. In the last decade, delivery methods for training and skill development have evolved to accommodate individuals with a busy schedule.


With modern learning tools, you no longer have to send go offsite for in-person training. Instead, employees can now receive the same valuable training more quickly and easily through online learning.

Fortunately, instructor-led physical training programs can now be supplemented with flexible and on-demand training techniques which include e-learning and microlearning.

Unlock your potential


The primary advantage of e-learning courses is that they are self-directed and self-paced so you can learn what you want, when you want to. We have an excellent range of e-learning courses available for engineers, managers, and technicians who are looking to develop their technical and non-technical skills. Each course comes with simulations, activities, and demonstration videos that provide the perfect balance between theoretical and practical knowledge.


Our course material is led by industry experts who include their years of research and experience into a short learning module that you can use to build your arsenal of knowledge by setting aside a few hours each month.


In addition, you can earn credits for these courses through knowledge assessments requiring 80% to pass. Upon successful completion of the course, a learner will be awarded CEUs. Courses are easy to access and available on any tablet or PC using Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge or Firefox. All content is narrated, and has a viewable transcript.


You can learn more about e-learning and the courses that we have on offer by getting in touch with our team. We look forward to getting in touch so we can recommend the right e-learning course option for you. 

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