Even after you know the changes you need to implement, you want to make sure that those strategies are applied quickly and effectively. Some organizations prefer a gradually migration from one infrastructure to another, in order to minimize cost and disruption. At other times, especially if an old system is functioning inefficiently or not communicating effectively, a business may need to have a one-time overhaul (a rip and replace).


Whether you’re looking for a gradual upgrade or an entire rip and replace, Electrozad can help you implement your changes so that you can get where you need to be.


At Electrozad, we can assess and implement a wide range of technological solutions, including:

Server/EWS Configuration: We tailor your server to your company’s needs, including enabling protocols, configuring ports, and configuring special network requirements.


Server Virtualization: If you need to create or maintain server privacy, we can help you create a virtual server that allows your users to access the server without being able to see its processes and operating systems.


Industrial Data Centers: We can help you create an industrialized data center in order to store, monitor, process, and disseminate large amounts of information. We can also implement the base infrastructure that allows data centers to function effectively and efficiently.


Network Switch Configuration: We can help you configure a network switch, allowing your business to add new devices and users easily as well as help bridge your devices so that you can access information easily.


Moreover, we can provide:


  • Project staging and kitting for easy usage, storage, and organization
  • Proof of concept that show the implementations are feasible and effective
  • PLC migration kits to help modernize your system and avoid unwanted downtime