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IPEX Electrical

IPEX Electrical Inc. has been extruding PVC conduit and moulding fittings since 1951. They design their products with engineers and contractors in mind, offering the industry’s widest selection of electrical non-metallic tubing and fittings.

IPEX product categories include:

 ⊃ rigid PVC conduit and fittings

 ⊃ PVC raceway for horizontal direction drilling

 ⊃ electrical non-metallic tubing and fittings

 ⊃ power and communications duct

 ⊃ non-metallic light fixtures

 ⊃ telecommunications


IPEX electrical products are manufactured with proprietary, sustainable compounds, formulated to the highest quality. IPEX maintains strict quality control during production and all products undergo rigorous testing practices to ensure we can deliver the kind of superior quality our customers expect.

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Locations Serviced

     •  Chatham, Ontario

     •  London, Ontario

     •  Sarnia, Ontario

     •  Windsor, Ontario

For IPEX, it's more than producing products. IPEX provides the complete solutions for our customers. Together, we understand the need for accurate, durable, and specification requirements that you need to meet for all your projects.

We are commitment to excellent customer service, innovation, and supporting your project; from conception to completion. We are proud partners with IPEX and share in the vision of providing the very best in electrical supplies, services and solutions.

Designed for Infrastructure. Designed to Last.

  •  Wide range of electrical products and solutions

  •  World-class customer service

  •  Quality materials built to last

  •  Produce electrical products which save time and money

  •  Environmentally conscious through sustainable material research


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Product Categories

Rigid PVC Conduit & Fittings

•  Scepter® Rigid PVC Fittings

•  Scepter® JBox PVC Junction Box

•  Scepter® JBox Hinged Cover

•  EPR Repair Kit for Conduit and Duct

Non-Metallic Tubing & Fittings

•  Scepter® Rigid PVC Fittings

•  Scepter® JBox PVC Junction Box

•  Scepter® JBox Hinged Cover

•  EPR Repair Kit for Conduit and Duct

Power & Comms Duct

Specialty Products

Featured Products

JBXH Junction Box

Introducing the NEW Scepter® JBox™ with a hinge cover. New design saves you time and money. 

Key Features

   • Patented integral gasket

   • Embossed grid-lines

   • Molded mounting feet

   • Fastening system closed by hand

   • 7/16 nut driver heads

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Designed for the rigors of trenchless applications. Seamlessly links to existing PVC infrastructure. 

Key Features

   • Fast and easy joint assembly

   • Spline-locking system 

   • Pre-installed, pre-lubricated gaskets

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SceptaLight LED

Sceptalight is corrosion resistance and protects the electrical connections inside.

Key Features

   • Can last 50,000 hrs for energy savings

   • UV-resistant material for outdoor use

   • Thermoplastic construction

   • Water- and vapour-tight seal

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Industries Serviced

     •  Automotive

     •  Utilities

     •  Parking garages

     •  Cable

     •  Communications

     •  Fish plants

     •  Residential

     •  Mines

     •  Airports

     •  Marinas

     •  Steel mills

     •  Bridges & tunnels

     •  Water treatment plants

     •  Sewage treatment plants

     •  Pulp & paper industries

     •  Street & highway lighting

     •  Food processing plants

·     •  Agricultural