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Electrical Power Products

Mersen is a globally recognized provider of electrical solutions, delivering expertise in:

•  electrical engineering

•  safety systems

•  cutting-edge technologies

As a leading electrical distributor in Southwestern Ontario, we continuously drive advancements in our region's power safety and distribution landscape. With Mersen by our side, we effectively integrate these innovative products into the electrical industry, contributing to enhanced safety, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

Essential Fuse Control Guide

How to improve safety, reduce operational costs, and achieve code compliance. 

     •  Improved safety by reducing arc flash hazards

     •  Streamlined inventory with fewer SKUs

     •  Reduced fault damage and decreased operating costs

     •  Reduced downtime

     •  Higher electrical code compliance

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" With over 135 years of industry experience, Mersen remains our preferred partner

for electrical power safety solutions. "

Featured Products

700VAC Class J Fuses

Mersen's Class J AJT fuses are compact fuses that offer superior protection. The AJT series offer increased AC operating voltage from 600VAC to 700VAC, meeting the needs of power transmission networks at 585V or 600V.

Mersen is the only fuse manufacturer to offer Class J fuses with the 700VAC specification.

• In some cases, customers encounter voltage variations above 600 volts. Our self-certified Class J AJT fuse rated at 700 volts will safely operate under overload or short circuit conditions.

• Voltages may fluctuate due to large inrush currents caused by motors that draw large currents during startup.

• Many of the mining, forestry, and other “heavy” industries have a 600V nominal voltage, which means there can be a variation up or down from nominal voltage.

• CSA Standard CSA-C235-83 allows for service entrance variation to go from 530V to 635V.

• The most current-limiting UL-class fuse, Mersen’s AJT series provides optimal performance and saves valuable panel space. The AJT series time-delay characteristic allows for use in a wide range of applications. AJT fuses are available in indicating and non-indicating versions.

Mersen is a leading manufacturer of fuses and fusegear, offering our customers the highest quality and most comprehensive range of fuses. With a focus on innovation, testing, and development, they consistently meet the demands of our market.

Our partnership with Mersen provides our customers with the broadest range of reliable low-voltage fuses and fusegear, ensuring we meet their operational requirements. Mersen's fuses have been instrumental in safeguarding sensitive electrical equipment and ensuring uninterrupted power flow in critical applications for industrial customers like you.

The widespread adoption of Mersen's surge protection solutions provides robust protection against voltage spikes and surges, safeguarding valuable equipment and enhancing system longevity. Our customers rely on Mersen's rigorous testing and appreciate the advantages of reliable and safe operations.

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Together with Mersen, we are trusted and reputable leaders in the electrical safety and power distribution industry.

Surge Protection Devices

Surge protection that covers your facility's voltage needs

You have expensive equipment you rely on every day to meet your customers’ needs. Down machines cost you time, money, and resources to get back on line. With a minimal investment, you can protect your sensitive control equipment or your entire facility from surge events.

Mersen’s Surge-Trap® product line offers a world-class suite of surge protection products designed to protect your facility from harmful and preventable surge damage. Mersen offers surge protection products ranging from point-of-use protection to complete facility protection. The Surge-Trap product line represents a broad suite of products for all your application requirements.

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Compact Fused Switches

The next level of safety and ease of installation

Mersen’s Compact Fused Disconnect incorporates the switch functionality with the high protection level of a fuse. The switch accepts UL class CC fuses up to 30A. In addition to this, the Compact Fused Disconnect is UL 98 listed and suitable for use as main/feeder device and, in conjunction with CC fuses, is rated for branch circuit protection.

It has a smaller footprint compared to a traditional Class CC disconnect with a max interrupting rating of 200kA. The compact form factor and ease of installation makes it a great choice for panel builders. The easy lockout/tagout feature and IP20 rating ensures additional safety along with the built in switch capability.