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Pneumatic Solutions

Converting energy into motion, pneumatic drives have a wide variety of automation applications, from single-acting, compact and round cylinders to semi-rotary drives or clamping cylinders. 

As a distribution partner of Festo,  we offer their innovative and trusted line of pneumatic, electrical, and process automation products, including the core product range of drives, cylinders, valves, tubing, fittings and more. Electrozad branches have the stock you need of Festo components for same-day delivery, which is key for supporting automation systems in our region’s growth markets, including automotive parts manufacturing, food and beverage, greenhouse production as well as local process industries like petrochemical and pharmaceuticals.

Our experienced specialists welcome the opportunity to discuss the requirements of your unique pneumatic project. We'll work with you on the design, sourcing, and installation of your project from concept to commissioning. 

Trusted for industrial pneumatic applications. 

Standard and Customized Products

     •  Pneumatic Drives

     •  Servo Pneumatic Technology

     •  Handling & Vacuum Technology

     •  Air Preparation

     •  Pneumatic Connections and Tubing

     •  Valve and Valve Manifolds

     •  Sensors and Machine Vision

     •  Control Technology

     •  Electromechanical Components

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Markets and Industries Serviced

     •  Automotive

     •  Contractor

     •  Food & Beverage

     •  Institutional

     •  Machine Tool

     •  OEM

     •  Petrochemical

Locations Serviced

     •  Chatham, London, Sarnia, Windsor 

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Pneumatic Drives, Valves,
Controls, Tubing and More

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