Electrozad’s Process Business Unit provides value to our customers in the food and beverage, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater, and biotechnology verticals.


These days, no matter what your industry, scalability is of the utmost importance. One never truly knows exactly when their company will need to ramp up operations in order to address a need or gap in the market, and that’s why making sure you have up to date technology when it comes to production is one of our highest priorities. 


Our partnerships enable Electrozad to provide the most complete solution of instruments, process control, information and mobility, and intelligent power to maximize the connected enterprise.

  • Process Safety: We understand that safety is key. No matter how automated our world gets, we must first ensure that employees are in a safe and secure environment, and that’s why we offer process safety focused on: SIL II, III, SIS, Redundant I/O, PLC 2 & 5 Migration.


  • PlantPaX: The new PlantPaX system offers an integrated and automated solution to improve productivity while minimizing risk. It can work both as a sole station or as a distributed architecture, and can ensure that costs are low, mistakes are minimal, and that risk is avoided.


  • DCS: We’re proud to offer services when it comes to all traditional distributed control systems, and pride ourselves on our superior knowledge and attentiveness.


  • Craft Brew and Brew Solutions: We understand the importance of the quality of your product, and protecting your brand in one of the most rapidly-growing markets in the world. Allow Electrozad to handle any issues that you may have, so that you can focus on your customers and expansion.
  • Secure Environments:  We understand that information can be the most important commodity, and will employ every resource and strategy to make sure that your information is safe and secure.


  • Intelligent Power: Electrozad is proud to ensure that your business has a seamless access to power, because computer systems and data centers have to constantly online in this day and age. This also means that your company saves on bills, maintenance, and the added cost of “downtime.”


  • Network Connectivity: Whether you are utilizing Ethernet/IP, Hart, Modbus, or Fieldbus, let the professionals at Electrozad ensure that you are always connected, for optimum productivity, communication, and efficiency.


  • IDC: Electrozad is proud to service industrial data centers, and provide virtualized, cloud, and edge solutions to your company. We know that providing these kinds of services allow your company to be as flexible, adaptable, risk-averse, and collaborative as possible, and we are happy to ensure that it stays that way.