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Electrozad Technical Services

Aging infrastructure, workplace gaps, global competition, and an explosion of new technology have created endless opportunities for industrial manufacturers to improve their business position and gain competitive advantage.

Through a portfolio of consulting services, Electrozad enables our customers to leverage smart manufacturing solutions to increase productivity, inform key decision making, and mitigate potential risk. Our dedicated technical specialists bring extensive experience in instrumentation, automation, networking and process technology, and we’re  authorized and supported by industry leading partners including Rockwell Automation.

Are you ready to embrace the future of smart manufacturing?

For 65 years, we’ve been supporting projects like yours, delivering complete end-to-end client solutions.

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Operational Intelligence

Insight into what’s happening across your IT systems and plant infrastructure to make informed decisions on operations, based upon real-time data.


Reduce downtime and drive operational efficiency through converging information (IT) and operational technologies (OT).

Risk Management

Protect your assets and intellectual property by mitigating and preventing risk. Ensure you have the support needed when unintended events occur.

Drive Start-Up

Does your engineering staff have the expertise to install new standalone drives or systems? Our Drive Start-Up service with an extended warranty means a smoother on-boarding as our team gets your Allen-Bradley® drive or system operational. Your commission and start-up is performed by engineers with industry-leading expertise.

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Protect your workforce and assets with Lockout/Tagout solutions customized for your facility. Put your trust in our experienced technicians who will lead your company through all five aspects of the lockout/tagout process. We'll help you with procedure development, device recommendations, policy review, annual auditing, and employee training services.

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Standard Network Assessment

Do you know what assets you have on your network? A Standard Network Assessment can help you evaluate the health and security of your company’s industrial control systems. We have the experience to help you reduce future industrial IT expenditures, improve network scalability, and reduce risks without sacrificing productivity.

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Installed Base Evaluation

Do you have a complete view of your plant hierarchy, and the time and resources to understand those assets? Our Installed Base Evaluation™ (IBE) services can help you optimize today and plan for tomorrow. We'll help you to plan your investments, know the lifecycle of your assets, and pinpoint areas of improvement for your facility.

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Machine Level Network Design

Do you have line expansion requirements? Do you need to capture data from new or existing machines? With a Machine Level Network Design, we help your machines make the right connections to increase visibility and reduce costs. Improve overall equipment effectiveness by more than 10% by connecting machines for intelligent decision making.

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Security Posture Survey

Are you in compliance with regulatory requirements for your industry? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Industrial security now includes cyber security. A Security Posture Survey will provide detailed information to assess and prioritize your OT network security risks through asset inventory, a baseline network traffic, and detection of abnormalities

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