Siemens Power Distribution

Siemens products are engineered to take on the most demanding conditions, day after day. Their comprehensive portfolio for low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology covers every requirement from switchgear to the socket.

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Siemens multi-family metering includes an assortment of module types that can be configured to meet a wide range of residential, commercial or industrial group metering applications. With quality and service being the keystones of Siemens meter centres, the product line is designed and built with the contractor in mind.

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Siemens safety switches are offered in a wide variety of choices for both industrial and commercial applications. Featuring quick-make quick-break operation and a diverse set of options and accessories, our switches are designed to fulfill your protection requirements, minimize your downtime, and increase your profits with every step of the way.

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Siemens integrated power systems (IPS) switchboards integrate multiple pieces of electrical distribution equipment into a single assembly. The modular design of the IPS switchboard allows it to be combined with standard service entrance or distribution switchboards. Also, IPS switchboards can be cable or bus connected to existing switchboard lineups.

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This generation of panelboards from Siemens offers the high level of engineering and innovation you’ve come to expect from the leader in power distribution technology. The “P Series” line of panelboards offers a stepped approach to power distribution. Additional strength has been added to an already rugged and durable panelboard family. Engineered specifically to provide maximum flexibility, the new designs simplify wiring and reduce material requirements making them easier to install and less costly than competitive products. 

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