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Smart Manufacturing

Modern market forces are demanding incredible levels of flexibility and agility while maintaining productivity. Are you managing to keep pace? Smart manufacturing equips you with the information and insights to optimize productivity, quality, risk management, and sustainability. Smart manufacturing also provides you with the flexibility to address manufacturing issues quickly and efficiently, while reducing downtime and risks to your workers, assets, and reputation. Your journey starts here.

Are you ready to see how smart manufacturing can make your facility more productive?

Smart Devices

Reduce risk, reduce downtime, improve utilization

With greater requirement for production and machine information, comes the need for industrial grade smart devices. Smart devices are integral components for smart machines and are the first step to capture operational data. These smart devices help enable you to make smarter, more informed decisions. Smart devices are the foundation for smart systems – and smarter machines. They are the gateway to the information you need to take immediate action, improve productivity, and start your journey for a digital transformation. Smart starts here.

Interested in learning more? Rockwell Automation’s Smart Machine Workshops are designed to highlight solutions to improve operations - like getting up and producing faster - regardless of whether you’re at the beginning or end of your smart machine journey.

Smart Machines

Improve production yield, asset utilization

In today’s competitive environment, plant floor asset optimization is mission critical. Creating machines from the ground up that optimize productivity, quality, and safety, while providing insights and information to decision makers when it’s needed is a requirement of best-in-class manufacturers.

Yesterday’s “smart” machines delivered data. But the smart machines and equipment built today must translate data into insights that drive better decision-making. True smart machines and intelligent equipment use digital technologies to move beyond conventional control, operation and maintenance paradigms. 

Smart Systems

Knowledge driven ops, flexible manufacturing

Helping to ensure that your assets and resources are more productive and safer while making quality products is essential. Best-in-class companies design and implement systems that optimize plant floor assets and provide insights and information to operators, managers, and executives when it’s needed to make timely, actionable decisions. Let Rockwell Automation help you plan your best future.

Industrial control systems manage the operations of your plant assets, provide production and asset information to operations, maintenance, and management, and provide the platform for analysis and coordination of production throughout your enterprise. From devices that predict maintenance needs, to safety systems that optimize productivity, to insights when and where they are needed.

Where do you start?

Our expertise, along with our partners in IT, provide us with a unique understanding of the IT/OT convergence to be successful in both digital transformation and the requirements of building a smarter, safer, more secure infrastructure.

Our digital transformation consulting team can work with you on a strategic plan that addresses priority use cases, business justification, change management, and an execution roadmap for technology implementation and support. All customized to your unique objectives and needs.

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We offer industry expertise to help design, implement and support your automation investment.

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