Support and Maintenance

With any system, maintenance can be as crucial as assessment or implementation is. Using regular audits and reassessments, businesses can verify that the system is working at optimum functionality.


At Electrozad, we help your system continue to function, even long after we’ve finished implementation. By providing training and tools, we help businesses learn how to successfully manage their own systems.


Our long-term maintenance and support strategies include:

Inventory and Wire Management:


Our inventory and wire management strategies help businesses control inventory costs, storage space, and automate reorder points.


Lighting and Energy Audits:


Our lighting and energy audits help reduce energy costs, make sure the system is running at ideal energy efficiency, and verify the continued health of the system.


Technical Training:


We can provide technical training for your employees, helping them learn how to use and maintain industrial networks and automation systems.


Electronic Repair Services:


With our electronic repair services, we repair and remanufacture your automation equipment to its original operating condition to ensure it will function reliably.


Electric and Automation Training:


This technical training can help your onsite staff maintain, troubleshoot, and program.