Electrozad Technical Services

Aging infrastructure, workplace gaps, global competition, and an explosion of new technology have created endless opportunities for industrial manufacturers to improve their business position and achieve a substantial return on investment.


Access to the Connected Enterprise provides real-time data and new visibility to inform proactive business decisions around inventory, safety, energy consumption, and maintenance. Manufacturers rely on our products and services to reduce bottlenecks, limit downtime, scale production up or down, and access remote monitoring and support.


Our technical specialists and vendor partnerships bring extensive experience in instrumentation, automation, networking and process technology, ensuring that our customers continue to compete in a connected landscape that prioritizes productivity and profitability.

Embrace the Future of Smart Manufacturing


Through a portfolio of consulting services, Electrozad enables our customers to leverage smart manufacturing solutions to increase productivity, inform key decision making, and mitigate potential risk.


Operational IntelligenceInsight into what’s happening across your IT systems and plant infrastructure to make informed decisions on operations, based upon real-time data.


ProductivityReduce downtime and drive operational efficiency through converging information (IT) and operational technologies (OT).


Risk ManagementProtect your assets and intellectual property by mitigating and preventing risk. Ensure you have the support needed when unintended events occur.

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