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Electrozad Technology Assessment

Investing in new productive assets and technology is critical to keep manufacturers competitive. Over 40% of manufacturers identify uncertain return on investment as the main reason why they are not investing in new technology. Electrozad's Technology Assessment can help companies understand what technologies are best suited for their needs and provide greater certainty on their investments.

Infrastructure Assessment

Are you certain you have access to critical spare parts and know your equipment obsolescence risk? The best way to improve maintenance, repair and operations practices is to start with a thorough understanding of where in the product lifecycle you are today.

The Installed Base Evaluation™ makes it easy for you to collect and analyze critical performance information within your facility and across the enterprise.

An Installed Base Evaluation service can help support corporate-wide initiatives, such as:

•  Identifying your most critical assets

•  Reducing obsolescence risks

•  Managing storeroom and spare parts initiatives

•  Confirming up-to-date bills of material

Network Assessment

Your industrial network infrastructure is central to everything you do in The Connected Enterprise. You need it to be robust, reliable, and secure. Yet the knowledge that is required to effectively converge plant-floor and IT technologies can make this difficult to achieve. We provide a holistic approach to help you design, deploy, and manage your network infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

•  Reduce risks

•  Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

•  Experience security without sacrificing productivity

•  Improve network scalability

•  Reduce the level of network support needed

•  Reduce future industrial IT CAPEX

A modern, secure, and reliable information infrastructure connects your assets, people, and information. It is the source of endless opportunities to improve your operational performance. We partner with industry leaders such as Panduit, Cisco, vMware, Microsoft, and others.

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